Leatherfest IX

April 18-20 1997:
$1,000.00 each given to H.A.R.P. and Canine Support Team. $800.00 given to Mama’s Kitchen and $400.00 given to Read/San Diego

Workshops and demonstrations included: How to Find a Partner, Anal Play, Things that Pinch, SM for Beginners, Basic Rope Bondage, HIV and SM, Single Tail Whip & Whip Dynamics, the Ethical Slut, S/M and Shamanism Panel, Piercing ­ Temporary and Permanent, Blood & Kisses, S/M and the Differently Abled Panel, Uniforms, Edge Play, Pumps, Cups, and Zippers, Electricity, SM and People of Color, Psychological Domination, Abrasion Play, Flogging Style, Women In The Leather Community.