August 31 - Sept 1, 2001
Palm Springs, California

Sponsored by LeatherfestXI

Brought to you by:
The San Diego Boys of Leather
and Master Jim of Dallas, Texas

Remember "Goofus and Gallant" from Highlight magazine? Attend the boy and girl Training Academy to learn to be a "Gallant" boi/y or girl! Join your fellow boi/ys and girls and attend this two day intense Training Academy. Curriculum will include classes such as Stations of the Cross, Proper Protocol, Service, Definitions and much, much more! The Academy is for all levels of experience, from the novice to the seasoned player. You must be a LeatherFestXI registrant to attend.

Master Jim from Dallas, TX, will be the Head Master. He will spearhead the two-day training and has invited some very impressive Leathermen and women from around the country as faculty. Some of these include Lady Victoria from San Francisco, Laura Antoniou, Master Steve Sampson (from Butchmann's Academy) and several others.


Hurry! Spaces are Limited!

Just fill out the Petition and mail it in.
Click here for Academy Petition

If you have a Dom/Domme, Top, Master, Daddy, Mistress or Mommy, you must have written permission to comply with the guidelines of the Petition. If not, just print out the application and mail it in.. But hurry.. Seats are going fast..

A special boy and girl t-shirt, pin, other assorted surprises, and Stations of the Cross will be a part of the Academy. Fees for the Academy are just your regular LeatherFestXI package cost, plus an additional cost of $30 for breakfast and lunch for both days. There will be two scholarships donated by ClubX San Diego's LeatherFestXI so if this is needed, please let us know as soon as possible.

All boys and girls who attend must comply with the Training requirements as specified by Head Master Jim. For further information, please contact Master Jim. The training only has room for a limited amount of Petitioners as specified by Head Master Jim.

For those who have been accepted as Academy participants, there will be an orientation meeting (not mandatory) Thursday at 8pm.

Academy Faculty

Master Jim is a leatherman who has been involved in BDSM for over 10 years. He is active in several leather organizations and in promoting both leather and SM education. Master Jim is a frequent speaker at national leather events on such topics as structuring D/s relationships, issues in Master/slave relationships, D/s contracts, protocol, and edge living. He co-produced The boys’ Training Camps 1 and 2, as well as the program for The Masters’ Retreat 1, held in Dallas, Texas. In addition to the 2001 Southern California LeatherFest Training Academy, Master Jim is developing Threshold: A service Academy, to be held in the Baltimore area in November, 2001.

Although Master Jim is well versed in many SM tools and techniques, he is most interested in the dynamics of Master/slave, Daddy/boy, or Master/submissive relationships. For Master Jim, the internal psychological, emotional, and mental elements are what lie at the heart of these relationships and the development of both masters and slaves. He is comfortable being served by or developing persons of any sexual orientation. Currently, Master Jim is the owner of a biological female slave, marsha, and is the current International Master 2001.

slave marsha

slave marsha has been involved in BDSM for approximately 6 years. She is slave to Master Jim and has been in service to him for almost 4 years. slave marsha frequently assists Master Jim in presenting seminars at national leather events on such topics as structuring D/s relationships, issues in Master/slave relationships, D/s contracts, and protocol. She also has presented numerous seminars on slave issues and service. she served as "staff boi" for The boys’ Training Camp I and II and The Masters’ Retreat, held in Dallas. One of her special areas of service to Master Jim is the planning and presentation of formal High Leather Dinners.

slave marsha views slavery as a "calling," not unlike the call one might feel to enter a religious order. For her, slavery is not role to be taken on and off, but a life to be lived and a vow to be kept. slave marsha believes the heart of slavery is in service and she knows that to develop as a slave will be the work of a lifetime. she now holds the title to match her spirit, International slave 2001.


Grandfather, father, Master, student, columnist, owner of slave kirk, mentor, friend, educated, professional, ordained, and owner of BUTCHMANNS SM Academy.
International Master 2000. Spirit, Harleys, mountains, deserts, and training men and women my loves and my passions. Everything else is subject to change and that's a Good Thing WOOF!

slave kirk thomas

Owned by Master Steve, student, friend, educated, artistic, actor/director, able to run the universe just not my own life! And flogging coach at BUTCHMANNS SM Academy. International slave 2000. Web design ,my Master, plays, slave jammies, singing, SM, celtic heritage, reading all my loves and my passions. At the moment. But some change is a GOOD thing!


Laura Antoniou will be reading from the next
book in the Marketplace series, titled The Reunion. She will also be signing books and
answering questions. Laura Antoniou's work is
well-known in the erotically alternative community, primarily for her Marketplace series (The Marketplace, The Slave, The Trainer and The Academy), regarded as the SM fiction of choice among pan-sexuals by the editor of SM Classics. She is currently working on the next two books in the series. Antoniou has also had great success as an editor, creating the groundbreaking Leather-women anthologies and many others, all out of print. Antoniou presents on various SM relationship topics throughout the US and Canada and still tries to find time to write.


Paksen has had an interest in shining boots from when he bought his first pair for motorcycle riding. Since then it has become his passion. Today he is the current Mid-Atlantic Bootblack and just won the honor of International Boot Black 2001!

Paksen came out as a boy during his years
living on the east coast. He is a traditional service boy and experienced player in the scene. Paksen is grateful to be living in Denver where he helps each year with Thunder in the Mountains. While not an expert, he welcomes questions on bootblacking and being a boy.


Hromovy has been on this leather journey since the early '70s. She is committed to the exploration of as many of the permutations her particular kinks can provide. She received an early education in the D/s side of life from the Dominican nuns who delighted in providing her with varied and sundry examples for contemplation. Playing with knives, collecting uniforms, owning humans, revelling in the fetish of the moment and messing with other peoples perceptions of gender all make her what she is today. Queer and kinky as they come! Former NLA:I EC Member-at-Large and presently Co-chair of Bound by Desire, Austin, Texas.
Hromovy is served by faux (fahks), currently the 1st of the House to Hromovy and The Volcano Clan. faux has been contracted for over 2 years and specializes in Formal Service and exploration of roles within a D/s structure.


Victoria currently resides in San Francisco, but was raised and loved in Dallas, where many of her extended "family" still live. She is the Vice President (will take over as President July 2001) and Domestic Violence Project Chairperson of NLA-International. She has created a booklet and two dozen pamphlets on recognizing abuse within the leather community. She is also NLA-I's representative on the Board of Directos of NCSF. Victoria also stays busy as the Managing Director for the Leather Literary Project, which is responsible for producing the first International Leather Encyclopedia.

Identifying as a high-femme domme and dyke, her other political interests include the fight against classism, racism, feminism and other forms of shame-based and institutionalized oppression. Lady Victoria is polyamorous, clean and sober, holds a certificate in hypnotherapy, has written and produced over 80 handouts for various workshops and classes that she has presented and/or facilitated, and is currently working on the completion of two books.