LeatherFest has tried every year to bring you some of the HOTTEST entertainment around, and this year is filled with many titillating delights!
We will present a

Pony Show on the Green
brought to us by Mistress Lalique

Enter your pony boy or girl (or just enter yourself if you are a pony without a trainer)
in the many different categories provided and show off the
skill, beauty, and talent you have worked so hard to hone!

Click here for the list of categories and entrant's form

This is sure to be a treat you will not want to miss!

Such a pretty pony tail..

will be another
eyegasmic experience!

Madame Elisandrya De Sade

will perform her award winning

Theatre Des Anges Noir

Come witness the sacrifice to the Dark Goddess...

Fire Dancer

The Death of Fear


The Death of Innocence


The Death of Mediocrity


The Death of Conformity

And, if that isn't enough..

Our Human puppy Show will certainly wag your tail!


foto courtesy of dogskin. Grafyx done by PhrequeSho

The human dog show and training seminars
are designed for Handlers and dogs/pups of all
genders to learn a bit more about human dog
play and its various aspects.



photo used with permission from  dogskin
Topics covered will include:
gear, headspace, scenes,
fantasy vs reality of human dog mode, and other topics.



The dog show itself is a chance for Handlers and dogs/pups to show their stuff using the guidelines set forth at:

But wait.. there's more..

Special Showing!!!
LeatherFestXI is proud to present:

SICK: The Life and Death
of Bob Flanagan, SuperMasochist

"Because it feels good; because it gives me an erection; because it makes me come; because I'm sick; because I say FUCK THE SICKNESS; because I like the attention; because I was alone a lot; because I was different; because kids beat me up on the way to school;.. because I was humiliated by nuns; because they tied me to the crib so I wouldn't hurt myself; because I had time to think; because I had time to hold my penis; because I had awful stomach aches, and holding my penis made it feel better;.. because of the Goddess; because of the moon; because it's my nature; because it's against nature; because it's nasty; because it's fun; because it flies in the face of all that's normal (whatever that is);
because I'm not normal;.. because NO PAIN, NO GAIN;
- 1985 Bob Flanagan

Review of "SICK..":

"Pain (everything from the pain of childbirth, the warning tendril of pain when we accidentally grab something sharp or too hot, or the mundane aches and pains of daily living) is hardwired into us physically, defining the boundaries of our senses.
To know pain is to know you're alive.
Then there are the more subtle roles pain plays. No pain, no gain is a cliché born in practical reality. To push our muscles to the point of failure, the point of tearing, the point of pain allows for muscle growth. On a personal level and at a cultural level we often push ourselves to the point of pain and beyond (both physical and mental) to accomplish goals or achieve intellectual or spiritual satisfaction.

Flanagan was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition which causes the body to produce a thick, sticky mucus that fills and clogs the lungs and leads to chronic lung infections, fatal lung damage and digestive problems. Most sufferers die in childhood or early adulthood. Flanagan lived to be 43, particularly amazing considering most children born with CF in the 1950s never survived elementary school.

Flanagan was a performance/visual artist whose "body" of work mainly explored the limits of his own physical endurance. To be more blunt, Flanagan made a name for himself videotaping his penis being nailed to a board. But it's the pain Flanagan endured because of cystic fibrosis (CF) and his taped death-throes that were most unbearable to watch.

For most of us pain is, at best, an isolated marker of self, an occasional landmark. For Flanagan, pain was continent-large, overwhelming all other emotional and bodily landmarks. Masochism was a survival tactic Flanagan developed, not only to cope with the pain of CF, but also to colonize and define the limits of his chronic condition. In a very warped and ironic way, his masochism was, perhaps, one of the reasons he survived as long as he did. His self-inflicted pain was a vital form of self-control.

Do I recommend Sick? Yes, without hesitation. While extreme and uncomfortable to view, Sick and the work of Bob Flanagan force you to explore your own physicality and re-examine your relationship to pain, pleasure, illness and even death."