Leatherfest 1991 Workshops

The Flesh Imprisoned (Bondage):
A tutorial on the subject of bondage ranging from simple knots to immobilization, caging, and mummification. Advanced techniques and long term imprisonment, such as "the Stockholm Effect", will be among many topics shared by John Ferrari and Tom Rinas and others of the Leather/SM Community.

Control Issue? (Catheterization):
Urethral stimulation or infinite manipulation. A demonstration/tutorial, specifically tailored to educate in safety measures, technique, infection control, equipment usage, and sensitivity with scene practices where catheterization is desired to manipulate the captive. Self-catheterization and the use of urethral sounds will be shared by San Diego's authority, Bob Schurr

SM 201 (Communications):
Initiation through termination of the SM scene. A panel of five will share topics as preparing oneself physically and emotionally; the dominant/submissive director; honest communication regarding experience, limits, and trust; particular fetish interest and safety precautions; biochemical responses to tactile stimuli for pleasure/pain; maintaining euphoria from one fetish to another within the SM scene; and culminating and processing of the experiencec together to bring about mutual gratification

Answers from Within (Fisting):
A physiophychological overview with direct emphasis on preparatory rituals for both top and bottom and the mechanisms of rectal reflex, as it pertains to the act of fisting. Includes a discussion of safety and hygiene. Fascilitated by Dr. Rick, M.D.

The Body Electric (Electricity):
A demonstration of sensensual intensity through creative circuitry of electrical impulses to stimulate euphoria or to assure proper discipline. Voltage safety, anatomical placement, various equipment and their usage will be demonstrated and discussed to evoke a safe, yet shocking response. This workshop will be hosted by Tony DeBlase.

Pleasing Puncturation (Piercing):
Demonstrations and displays of common and uncommon locations. Facilitated by Elaine of the Gauntlet

A Welt of Information (Whipping):
A demonstration of eroticism from corporal punishment to that of spiritual cleansing as shared by experts of the "cat o' nine tails', paddles, crops, quirts, caning and belts. After care for the submissive and equipment will be discussed in an open forum.

Tony DeBlase: President/Publisher, the Sandmutopia Guardian; Creator of the Leather Pride Flag
John Ferrari: Mr. Drummer Coordinator - Advertising/Marketing Manager, the Sandmutopia Guardian
Dr. Rick Lasley, M.D.: Workshop Co-Chair, Leatherfest '91
Tom Rinas: Mr. San Diego Leather 1991
Bob Schurr: