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Volunteers Needed

Do you want to...

  • Earn an upgrade to your LeatherFest X registration?
  • Meet new and interesting people?
  • Support your community?
  • Experience LeatherFest X from the inside?

Then Why Not Volunteer for LeatherFest X?

What you can do to assure that LeatherFest X is the best LeatherFest ever? VOLUNTEER! We need your help. Whether you're curious, a novice or a seasoned player, LeatherFest X needs people who will commit a small amount of their time and energy toward making this the best event ever!

Being a part of the LeatherFest X family is not just work! It's an opportunity to earn a day pass or upgrade your paid registration through work exchange. Work with other leather people from San Diego and beyond, and help make LeatherFest X one of the best Leather/SM/Fetish events in the nation, and not to mention all those fun kinky people you'll meet!

Volunteer opportunities include:
Registration ~ Festival Weekend Upkeep
Pre-event Set up ~ Security ~ Breakdown
Fashion Show ~ DungeonFest
Special Needs Assistance ~ Social Events
And a whole lot more!
See some of the descriptions below.

We'll be getting together on three occasions to talk about volunteer possibilities for LeatherFest X happening April 3, 4, 5, 1998. We'll have time to answer any questions you may have on volunteering and what you'll get out of it. We'll ask no commitment from you until you are ready!

Saturday, January 31st, 1pm ­ 3pm
Thursday, February 12th, 7pm ­ 9pm
Saturday, March 7th, 3pm ­ 5pm

The Center ­ in The Annex
3916 Normal Street
San Diego, CA 92103

All Volunteers will be required to attend only one of the three training sessions!

For more information, or to register to be a volunteer at LeatherFest X, call the CLUB X Hotline at (619) 685-5149, or toll free at 1-800-598-1859 or send an email to Volunteers at LeatherFest X

REGISTRATION - You will assist with registering LeatherFest X guests. This position requires a patient and outgoing personality. YOU will be the first person our guests see at LeatherFest X and we want them to feel welcome and pampered. It is also the place EVERYONE must pass during the event (hint, hint... it's a great place to get a view). Some PC experience would be helpful. Two training sessions will be provided prior to the event.

DM (References are required) - DMs are the monitors and security of the Parties. DMs are responsible for making sure that all playing and scenes at the Parties are safe, sane, and consensual. DMs need to have previous experience as well as good judgment to make decisions on safety, crowd control, interfacing with the public and making judgments that affect group dynamics. You shouldn't be easily intimidated. Training sessions will be required.

EQUIPMENT PARTY SET UP - Ability to move and lift heavy objects. Assist in the set up of the Play Party areas.

PRE- AND POST-EVENT SET UP/TEARDOWN - (Before and after LeatherFest X) Assist with setting up the event before and tearing down after LeatherFest X. Work will include some construction, heavy cleaning and labor. We'll need all the help we can get. If we build it, they will come.

FASHION SHOW - Assist with setting up. Experience in Audio/Visual equipment, theater, staging and lighting helpful.

SPECIAL NEEDS ASSISTANTS - Assist differently abled individuals with their specific needs.

SECURITY - Assist in crowd control, give directions, check to make sure all people are registered, and monitor doors at exits and entrances. Good people skills and knowledge about the events needed.